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Houston, Texas, Conviction Appeals Lawyer

Federal Appellate Court Attorney

If you were convicted for a federal or state felony or misdemeanor, you have the right to appeal your conviction or sentence, based on a wide range of legal details of your case. Even if you accepted a plea agreement, there may be an opportunity for an appeal if your attorney did not fully vigorously defend you or fully advise you about your legal options. Under the U.S. Constitution and the laws of Texas, you have the right to challenge the final disposition of a judge’s decision or the manner in which your trial progressed.

The Law Firm of Schaffer Carter & Associates offers the legal skills, experience, and resources to handle all criminal conviction appeals and post-conviction matters. A successful appeal often comes down to thoroughly investigating trial proceedings and preparing clear and concise documentation of errors and constitutionally questionable decisions by the judge. Since 1988, our attorneys have been fighting for people rights, including taking appeals and sentencing matters to the highest levels of the Texas appellate courts.

We handle appeals cases that your original attorney won’t take on

Whether you are trying to overturn a conviction for a misdemeanor drug possession charge, or appealing a federal conviction or grand jury decision, we offer the experience you can rely on.

We have experience handling appeals cases such as:

Appellate court and post-conviction legal experience you can count on

We have the capacity and experience to handle every component of the appeals and post-conviction process, from initial investigation through the appellate court hearing, including writs of habeas corpus and trial representation.

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