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Houston, Texas, Writ of Habeas Corpus Lawyers

If you feel you are being imprisoned unjustly, you do have constitutional rights that can be exercised to help free you. However, asserting these rights and presenting a clear and convincing argument takes the skill of an experienced Houston, Texas, writ of habeas corpus attorney. Not all criminal defense attorneys handle appeals and writs, so it is in your best interest to seek out a criminal defense law firm with a history of appellate experience.

At Schaffer Carter & Associates, we are not only a team of trial attorneys who are respected courtroom advocates, but we also routinely take on technical, appellate matters that are referred to us by other criminal defense lawyers throughout Texas and the rest of the country. We take on cases that others will not because of our thorough understanding of the law and proficiency in criminal procedure.

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What Is Habeas Corpus?

A “writ of habeas corpus” demands that authorities holding a person produce that person to a court so the court can determine if the hold is valid. Our Houston, Texas, writ of habeas corpus attorneys will explore what avenues of relief are available to you in both state and federal court. We have experience making applications for writs of habeas corpus to the higher courts in our pursuit for justice and commitment to protecting our clients’ rights.

Galveston Post Conviction Writs Attorneys

In some cases, we can also file a writ in a higher court compelling a lower court to reexamine an issue. Examples of situations where a writ may be appropriate include:

  • There is a valid and compelling sense of urgency
  • If your original defense counsel failed to make a timely objection at the time the alleged error or injustice occurred
  • When a final judgment has not been rendered in the trial court yet, but the party seeking the writ requires immediate relief to prevent further injustice or unnecessary expense
  • When an attorney has failed to investigate or assert a possible defense that could provide reasonable doubt to a judge or jury

Experienced and Extremely Thorough Legal Counsel

Since writs are viewed by courts as an extraordinary remedy and a remedy of last resort, they are usually scrutinized and require careful preparation and advanced legal knowledge. At our law firm, we believe that if a writ is appropriate it is worth fighting for and we will use all of our resources and skills when pursuing your cause. We will also make sure you understand all of the issues and that we are by your side through this complex process. We strongly believe aggressive representation and personal attention combined with technical knowledge and investigative skill are the keys to pursuing successful writ outcomes.

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