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Houston Drug Crime Defense Attorneys

Many people think of drug crimes as having varying degrees of severity, with “soft” drugs like marijuana being less consequential than more illicit drugs like cocaine and heroin. The truth is that any drug crime on your record will change your life.

Law enforcement and prosecutors are unforgiving in these cases. From the moment you are pulled over or your property is searched and seized, you are looked at as a criminal. Fighting back against this requires the highest-quality representation from the most experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Outstanding Results From Respected Attorneys For Clients Nationwide

At Schaffer Carter & Associates, our Houston drug crime defense lawyers see our clients as people who need real solutions to some of life’s most challenging problems. We are persistent and aggressive in defending them through every stage of the legal process.

Our standards of excellence in the field of law are exemplified in the notable results we are known for across the United States. Managing partner Kent Schaffer are respected professionals whose outstanding knowledge and vigilance in defending clients has made them sought for speaking engagements and nationally recognized cases throughout the country.

From our office in Harris County, Texas, we have handled a full range of drug crime cases nationwide, including:

We offer vigorous representation and exceptional client service in state and federal cases throughout the United States. Contact us online or by telephone at 713-574-9412 (toll free at 866-428-2472) to schedule an appointment with our experienced litigators.

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