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Houston Drug Conspiracy Defense Lawyers

Even the smallest details in criminal law can make a big impression with law enforcement and prosecutors. This is especially true in drug conspiracy cases, where investigators are looking for all parties involved in drug distribution and trafficking networks. Some people find themselves facing serious state and federal drug crime charges simply because they let someone use their property or they were found in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

At Schaffer Carter & Associates, it is our job as Houston drug conspiracy defense attorneys to bring to light compelling evidence that demonstrates the charges against our clients are too severe or completely unfounded. Our law firm is known for providing exceptional skill in investigating accusations, gathering evidence in support of our clients and aggressively arguing on their behalf in the courtroom.

Thorough Investigation And Detailed Defense From A Talented Team Of Defense Attorneys

Our founding attorney Kent Schaffer — three of the country’s most respected criminal defense lawyers. They lead our law office in Harris County, Texas, with a focus on meticulous analysis of allegations, direct representation between the attorney and client, thoughtful guidance through the criminal process and strategic legal recommendations.

We take a comprehensive look at the charges our clients face to address today’s consequences as well as the long-term effects of a criminal conviction in cases of:

  • Intent to distribute
  • Drug cultivation and drug manufacturing
  • Money laundering
  • Internet sales of illegal narcotics
  • Interstate and international drug distribution

The defense strategies we use to protect our clients from consequences in the criminal justice system are aimed at attaining the most favorable outcomes possible. Whether pursuing full dismissal of charges or negotiating reduced charges, sentences and plea agreements, we will be forthcoming about what our experience tells us will be most effective in your case.

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