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Houston Drug Possession Attorneys

Possession of a controlled substance is not necessarily a minor offense. When you are found to have an illegal substance in your possession, whether physically on your person, in your car or in another area that you have access to (e.g., a locker or your home), you may also find yourself investigated for drug distribution charges as well.

This is especially true if the amount of drugs in your possession is greater than what a law enforcement officer considers indicative of personal use only, or if you are found in possession of drug paraphernalia or items that could be viewed as supplies for distribution.

The circumstances surrounding a drug crime arrest will dictate what kind of charge you face. Whether we are working to prove the drugs in your possession did not belong to you or are fighting to reduce the charges you face to lesser criminal offenses, Schaffer Carter & Associates has the experience and skill necessary to defend you to the fullest extent possible.

Experienced Lawyers Offering Quality Representation In Drug Possession

Our team of Houston drug possession lawyers has handled criminal defense matters in some of the most challenging situations. They have defended clients against drug charges as serious as conspiracy to distribute or traffic a controlled substance.

Our managing partner Kent Schaffer, are highly respected as leaders in the field of criminal law, have worked on nationally recognized cases and are frequently sought for speaking engagements with national media outlets.

They lead our firm with a uniquely sophisticated approach to criminal defense. Every client at our firm receives personal attention from the attorney who represents him or her. We encourage all of our clients to exercise their right to remain silent, to refuse an illegal search, and to contact our office immediately if they are being questioned, investigated, accused of or arrested on a drug possession charge in Texas or throughout the United States.

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