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Houston Prescription Drug Charge Lawyers

Throughout the United States, law enforcement and criminal investigative units are dedicating more resources to issues of illegal prescription drug possession, distribution and trafficking. The abuse of controlled substances like Vicodin, hydrocodone and other medication is on the rise, with people from all walks of life acquiring forged prescriptions, buying from unauthorized sellers or otherwise using the drugs for recreational purposes.

As Houston prescription drug charge attorneys, we at Schaffer Carter & Associates understand the complex situations our clients are in and work to eliminate or reduce the criminal charges against them so they can protect their future and avoid the risk of incarceration, steep fines and a lifelong criminal record.

Combating Drug Charges Related To Prescription Medication

Prescription drug charges do not discriminate. People from all walks of life can find themselves arrested when they are pulled over and have had their car searched, when they are investigated for illegal distribution or they are operating a vehicle while impaired by the influence of prescription medication.

Our defense team provides the highest-caliber representation to every client who enters our office. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding drug charges, determining whether the individual had a valid prescription, was not informed of the side effects of medication or was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Contact An Experienced Attorney As Soon As Possible

The best way to defend yourself against the consequences of a prescription drug charge is to exercise your right to remain silent and to seek legal counsel. If you are pulled over and asked to consent to a search, you have the right to refuse and to contact our office to speak with an experienced defense lawyer.

Make sure to be cooperative and polite to law enforcement, but protect yourself at all times. We can help you get the defense you need through vigorous representation and exceptional client service in state and federal cases throughout the United States.

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