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Houston, Texas, Driver’s License Suspension Lawyers

In Texas, your driver’s license can be suspended if you refuse to take a breath test, if you fail a test due to intoxication, or if you are convicted of a driving while intoxicated. A driver’s license suspension can last from 90 days to two years or 180 days to two years for failing to take a breath test. This type of harsh administrative penalty, in addition to any criminal penalties you might also face such as fines and jail or prison time, underscores the importance of having experienced counsel on your side to defend you vigorously.

At Schaffer Carter & Associates, our law firm has been defending people charged with DWI in Houston and the surrounding area since 1988. Our strategic and comprehensive representation includes handling both the administrative driver’s license suspension civil side of your case as well as defending you in criminal court. We understand what is at stake on both sides and we exhaust every remedy to minimize the consequences.

If you have been charged with any type of DWI offense and also need help preventing a driver’s license suspension, contact us today by calling 713-574-9412 or toll free 866-428-2472 to schedule a consultation to speak with one of our experienced Houston, Texas, driver’s license suspension attorneys.

The ALR Hearing: Administrative License Revocation Hearing

If you have been arrested for DWI, an administrative hearing, separate from all criminal proceedings related to the DWI charge, will be conducted. An administrative judge at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) conducts this hearing.

At Schaffer Carter & Associates, our lawyers prepare for all issues that will be covered in an ALR hearing, including:

  • Did the officers have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to make the stop?
  • Was there probable cause for the officers to believe the person who was driving a motor vehicle or operating a watercraft in a public place was intoxicated?
  • If the person was placed under arrest by the officer, were they asked to give a blood or breath specimen and was it administered properly?
  • Did the person refused to give the specimen?

If the administrative judge finds all four of the above in the affirmative, the license will be suspended. We will work to gather evidence that shows the stop was not legitimate and procedures were not properly followed so we can effectively prevent affirming this finding.

Houston DWI Revocation Attorneys Preparing Detailed Occupational Driver’s License Petitions.

If your license is suspended, we will explore other options to allow you to continue to legally drive. An occupational license is a special license for people who have had their license suspended and authorizes a person to drive his or her vehicle in connection with a job, education and performing essential household duties. We know how to ensure this petition contains enough detailed information so that it is granted.

However, a court order granting an occupational license is not enough. We will also submit the order to the DPS so that they can issue an occupational license. Normally, the default time allowed for an occupational license to be used is four hours per day, but we can help make sure more time is given.

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