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Houston, Texas Federal Crime Defense Lawyers

After being charged with a federal crime, your future will be in the hands of a criminal defense attorney. Schaffer Carter & Associates was founded in 1988, and since that time we have been devoted to the practice of criminal defense law at the federal and state court level. We have uncommonly extensive trial experience defending federal cases throughout the United States. We have a history of obtaining favorable results for our clients.

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a federal crime, it is important to contact us to start an aggressive defense as soon as possible. Even if you are currently under investigation, we recommend talking to an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer right away. Prior to being charged with a federal felony offense, your case may have already been investigated by federal agencies such as the FBI, the IRS and the DEA. Evidence has already been gathered, possibly against your constitutional rights.

The federal judicial system is complex and requires an understanding of constitutional issues involving grand jury proceedings, writs of habeas corpus and the appeals process. At the Law Firm of Schaffer Carter & Associates we have a broad base of experience in all areas involving federal criminal defense.

We handle all federal crimes defense for white collar crimes such as the following:

Our attorneys also handle all federal crimes defense cases relating to offenses including the following:

If convicted of a federal crime, you will face strict penalties and limitations to your freedoms. You will lose the right to possess firearms. You will lose your voting rights. You will likely face obstacles when seeking employment or housing. Our attorneys have substantial courtroom experience and prepare a vigorous defense on your behalf.

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Contact us to discuss the federal charges against you. We have the trial experience you can rely on to help you fight for the best possible outcome for your charges.

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