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Experienced Houston Grand Jury Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with a state or federal offense, your case will go before a grand jury to determine whether state or federal prosecutors have enough evidence against you to proceed with a trial. Your attorney will not have the opportunity to defend your case orally in front of the jurors, but you will have an opportunity to present written arguments and evidence for a dismissal, or “no bill.” The defense attorney you hire to present your arguments can make the difference between an indictment or having your charges dismissed.

The law firm of Schaffer Carter & Associates has an impressive record of obtaining no bills on behalf of clients charged with state and federal crimes. Our state and federal trial attorneys understand the state and federal grand jury systems and have extensive experience preparing documentation and written arguments that impact the jurors’ decision. We know how serious a grand jury indictment is for your future. Avoiding a grand jury indictment will keep your record clear.

We handle all grand jury matters such as:

  • Written arguments of evidence for the defense
  • Polygraph test documentation
  • Legal motions for evidence suppression
  • Constitutional points of law

Start Protecting Your Rights and Your Future Now

We handle complex state and federal grand jury cases now, to help you avoid an indictment. In order to save money, many people faced with a grand jury proceeding do not bother to hire an attorney. By not putting up a strong defense at the grand jury level, chances of an indictment are often increased, resulting in higher expenses for an experienced state or federal criminal defense trial lawyer. Our Houston grand jury defense attorneys provide aggressive representation to help you fight for a no bill now, possibly avoiding the necessity and expense of the state or federal trial later on.

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