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Feds: Colombia healer’s Houston arrest signals drug ‘comeback’ | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chroni

Dangerous drug den is a complex issue

Charges dropped against Colombian medicine man | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Attorney: Texas-born ‘La Barbie’ could soon be headed back to US | khou.com | Khou.com – News, Houston news, Texas

“La Barbie” All Smiles as Cops Describe Savagery

Mexico Charges U.S.-Born Drug Suspect ‘La Barbie’

FLDS to target state bigamy laws

Stanford Gets Champagne Defense on Beer Budget as Public Pays – Bloomberg.com

Grand Jury No-Bills San Antonio Trio Girl In A Coma In Spring Chances Brawl

Houston Attorney Kent Schaffer added to Stanford’s defense team

Probation ends early for teen in gang killing. 3 years after she stabbed another teenager, teen wants to move on.

Stanford’s public defenders are top of the line

Girls in a courthouse/Austin music source

Written briefs ok in FLDS case

Deseret News | Shurtleff taking FLDS investigation slowly

FLDS spokesman pleads the Fifth : FLDS : gosanangelo.com

Houston – Hair Balls – Area Man Keeps Houston’s Name In Steroids Spotlight

Houston Press – Best Of – Best Move by an Appellate Lawyer

Brian Wice and Kent Schaffer, Getting the Gag Order Lifted FULL STORY

The Hotel Six Joker Turns Wild, page 1 – News – Houston Press – Houston Press

Veteran Houston criminal defense attorney Kent Schaffer dropped by the Hotel Six proceedings last month to catch some of the early action, and wandered out into the hallway during a break. In his path stood Julio Molineiro, the FBI’s bespectacled, wisecracking undercover informant and FULL STORY

Porn actress uses former schoolmate’s name, page 1 – News – Houston Press – Houston Press

Syvette is actually Lara Madden, from Kingwood. You think you’re gonna get anywhere in porn with a name like “Lara Madden”? Guess again. So Madden picked a new name. Unfortunately for Syvette Wimberley, her former classmate in Kingwood, she picked…Syvette Wimberley. FULL STORY

Snitch Vs. Snitch, page 1 – News – Houston Press – Houston Press

Jorge Arroyo’s head appeared to be on a swivel. From his vantage point in the burgundy leatherette booth, he constantly monitored the other patrons of Houston’s: Was anyone in the Kirby Drive restaurant watching him? FULL STORY

>Rocks Off – Prosecutors Dismiss Assault Charges in J Prince Gym Beating Case

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has dismissed aggravated assault charges against J Prince, founder and CEO of Houston’s Rap-a-Lot Records, Rap-a-Lot announced today.

Pair cleared in ’98 VitaPro bribery case / Second acquittal in clash involving high-profile names

After a two-hour trial Tuesday, former Texas prisons director James “Andy” Collins and Canadian businessman Yank Barry were acquitted of decade-old federal bribery charges involving VitaPro, a soy-based meat substitute considered for state inmate meals.  FULL STORY

No felony indictment in death of constable / Misdemeanor charge for driver accused of fatally striking…

Legg’s attorney, Kent Schaffer, said his client was “somewhat relieved” but still remorseful. He has always accepted responsibility for this,” Schaffer said.  FULL STORY

Benton avoids prison, but future isn’t free of worry / Teen who fatally stabbed member of gang faces…

Defense attorney Kent Schaffer said 17-year-old Benton continues to receive death threats from Gabriel Granillo’s gang, the well-known MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha.  FULL STORY

Benton rejects prosecution’s no-prison deal / Barring an agreement on a second offer, the next step…

Prosecutors presented a second offer Thursday morning, but defense lawyer Kent Schaffer said he would not discuss details of that deal.  FULL STORY

Porn actress just liked classmate’s name / The real Syvette Wimberly isn’t too happy about the kind…

Madden’s attorney, Kent Schaffer, said his client did not choose the name to cause a problem for Wimberly or to get back at her for some old grievance, but simply because she liked the sound of it.  FULL STORY

Judge acquits 2 men convicted in VitaPro kickback scheme

But along the way, they blew their credibility with the court,” Schaffer said Friday.  FULL STORY

Mistrial ends wheelchair fraud trial / Prosecutors plan to retry the doctor accused of writing prescriptions…

Mauskar’s attorney Kent Schaffer predicted that his client would do better in a retrial because prosecutors have revealed their evidence.  FULL STORY

The State of Texas v. Caminiti


The State of Texas v. Ashley Benton


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