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Houston, Texas Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Stats: Many Sex Assault Accusations False – Fox 26 Video

If you are facing a felony or misdemeanor sex crime charge such as sexual assault, Internet child pornography or prostitution, you are facing more than just the prosecutor and police. Your defense must also include overcoming the negative perceptions of the public. Too many criminal defense law firms take the approach that getting you off as easy as possible is your only option. At the Law Firm of Schaffer Carter & Associates, we think our clients deserve aggressive, effective criminal defense to fight sex crimes charges.

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A conviction for a sex crime may mean the sex offender registry.

A conviction or a plea bargain for a sex crime often includes having your name placed on the sex offender registry for years and possibly the remainder of your life. When it comes to a sex crime such as rape or solicitation of a minor, there is no option but to fight hard to protect your future. That means preparing your case to win in a jury trial, not simply accepting the best plea agreement the District Attorney offers.

We have more than 20 years of successful trial experience. Our experienced trial attorneys understand how sex crime laws are defined and interpreted by the courts. We know the strategies the prosecutors will try to use to get a conviction. We prepare thoroughly because presenting a winning case at trial means making sure the facts are clear and your case is strong. In many cases, when prosecutors understand how serious we are about winning in a trial, our proposals for a reduction of charges or a dismissal, our clients obtain the best possible agreement out of court.

Schaffer Carter & Associates provides effective criminal defense for people charged with sex crimes such as the following:

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