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Skilled Houston Business Fraud Defense Attorneys

Recent media coverage has turned the federal government’s attention to accounting scandals, investment schemes and other types of business fraud. As a result, it seems as though business professionals are scrutinized for every move they make. If you have been charged with or are being investigated for any type of business fraud, seek help immediately from the experienced attorneys at Schaffer Carter & Associates.

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Experienced Houston Accounting and Investment Fraud Lawyers Delivering Results

Since 1988, Schaffer Carter & Associates has provided defense services for people facing various white collar crime charges. Our trial attorneys have the experience and the resources to effectively protect your rights. We have substantial knowledge of the various types of fraud and white collar crimes. Our Houston business fraud defense lawyers prepare a solid defense on your behalf, seeking to minimize the impact of the fraud charges and protect your future. Our law firm handles business fraud cases arising from allegations such as:

Most business fraud cases are handled in federal court. Federal sentencing guidelines are severe. If you are facing fraud charges, you are facing the possibility of prison time and other serious penalties. Schaffer Carter & Associates exhausts all options available and vigorously represents you at trial to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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