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Houston, Texas, Federal Internet Crime Defense Attorney

Over the past several years, increasing use of the Internet by the public has led to a growing number of criminal charges for offenses ranging from child pornography to operating illegal web site pharmacies. The charges are often complex and preparing an aggressive and effective defense means ensuring that your lawyer has extensive experience in the areas of computer and Internet crime defense.

The Law Firm of Schaffer Carter & Associates is recognized as a prominent Internet crime defense firm, with experience at the state and federal court level. Our firm was founded in 1988, as personal computers began entering the homes and offices of people throughout the United States. Through professional training and a commitment to state-of-the art technology, our skills, knowledge, and the aggressive strategies have remained ahead of other criminal defense law firms.

Effective defense strategies for complex Internet sex crimes

We have helped numerous people fight for the best possible outcome for Internet crimes such as sexual predator charges, solicitation of a minor, and child pornography. Many people are charged after being caught in unethical or unconstitutional sting operations set up by police. A felony conviction for a sex crime can carry the additional penalty of sex offender registry. If you or someone in your family has been charged with an Internet crime involving sex offenses, contact us. We know the effective strategies to suppress evidence and protect your rights and your future.

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