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Houston, Texas, Medicare Fraud Lawyer

There are approximately 42 million people in the United States who receive direct Medicaid payments totaling more than $197 billion. The Medicaid and Medicare system has become a complex jumble of statutes, regulations and procedures that health care providers find nearly impossible to disentangle. Federal prosecutors have become increasingly aware of the opportunities for Medicaid and Medicare fraud and every year thousands of well-meaning doctors and health care executives are wrongfully charged.

The Law Firm of Schaffer Carter & Associates has been helping doctors and licensed professionals defend their careers against charges of Medicaid and Medicare fraud since we opened our doors in 1988. Our federal trial attorneys have the experience and professional resources to thoroughly investigate and prepare a strong defense case. We are trial lawyers with extensive courtroom and jury experience. Every case receives close attention to detail, aggressive representation, and thorough preparation. Federal prosecutors in jurisdictions nationwide know that our reputation for success means that they must take our proposals for a fair resolution seriously.

Start preparing an aggressive defense right away

If you are a licensed professional who has been charged with Medicaid or Medicare fraud, or are under investigation for fraud, contact us right away. It is possible that federal prosecutors have been investigating your case and gathering evidence for weeks or months. Getting an early start will help your defense team apply the right strategies to protect your rights against illegal evidence and other unconstitutional tactics that the federal prosecutors may employ.

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