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Houston Securities Fraud Defense Lawyers

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At Schaffer Carter & Associates, we represent the accused in securities fraud matters throughout the United States. Our law firm is devoted entirely to criminal defense issues, and since our founding in 1988, we have delivered results with dedication, unmatched skill and a genuine concern for our clients’ well-being.

This approach to criminal defense has contributed to a reputation for excellence as Houston securities fraud defense attorneys — a reputation that can be seen in the national recognition we have received and the respect we have earned from our peers in the legal community.

Protecting Clients From Consequences Of Securities Fraud Charges

An individual accused of securities fraud is suspected of defrauding or manipulating information in investment markets for personal financial gain. This is often referred to as investment fraud, stock fraud or stock manipulation and can include cases of insider trading, false accounting, misrepresentation of investment information and practice as a stockbroker without a valid license.

If you have been charged with securities fraud, you need the highest-caliber representation from your lawyer. Our team of qualified professionals performs detailed investigations for every individual we represent, persistently uncovering evidence and developing defense strategies that show there was no intent to defraud.

We aggressively pursue remedies that involve reduced charges, dropped charges and negotiation of favorable agreements that thwart the serious consequences of convictions. Our goal is to vigorously represent our clients and provide outstanding service through every stage of state and federal criminal proceedings.

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