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Houston Tax Evasion Defense Lawyers

At Schaffer Carter & Associates, our Houston tax evasion defense attorneys have the skill to step in early and fight tax evasion charges from the first moment there is suspicion of fraud. We work closely with our clients through every stage of the criminal defense process, thoroughly investigating the charges against them, the truth behind the matter, and the advantages and disadvantages of various legal strategies.

Our Harris County law firm is devoted entirely to criminal law and our lawyers are known for providing the highest-quality representation to clients throughout Texas and nationwide. Contact us to discuss your case with a knowledgeable attorney.

Investigations And The Prosecution Of Tax Evasion Charges

A tax evasion charge originates with the IRS. If the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal investigation division (IRSCI) concludes that an individual taxpayer or business enterprise has intentionally defrauded the government through tax nonpayment or underpayment, an agent will move the case forward to the United States Department of Justice tax division.

At that point, another analysis of the case is performed by a federal prosecutor who determines whether to authorize prosecution and move the case forward to the local U.S. Attorney’s office. This is the office that ultimately brings tax evasion charges against the accused.

Defending Against Accusations From Multiple Levels Of Prosecution

There are many layers to tax evasion charges, which means there are complicated procedures to follow. While these cases are particularly challenging, the procedures offer several opportunities to combat the charges.

We offer responsiveness and flexibility in handling tough opponents like federal government agencies and representatives with vast legal resources to bring charges against those accused of white collar crimes. No matter what stage of investigation your case is in, we will be dedicated to upholding your rights and helping to tell your side of the story through vigorous representation. We always offer the highest quality counsel and exceptional client service in state and federal cases throughout the United States.

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